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Danny helped me every step of the way in designing and implementing the rooftop solar system for my house. He did all the drawings, handled the permits, and got the system approved. He was helpful throughout the installation process and made every effort to make sure I was completely satisfied. He went above and beyond expectations. The most impressive thing about Danny and Mirador Energy was that he stayed committed to my satisfaction and continued to help me well after the checks cleared. That is a tribute to his integrity and customer-centric attitude. The system is performing fine. I give Danny and Mirador an A+ — (and I don’t give compliments easily!).

Danny saved us thousands of dollars. He is oriented towards consumers who want to install the system themselves. I was perfectly happy hiring an electrician to do the work, and even with all the labor fees and cost to pay for the equipment and design fees through Danny’s company.

I still completed the project for $10,000 less than the big boys quoted. I was one of his very first customers, and even so, the project went through without a hitch. It has been in place now for over a year and a half and there have been no issues. I also enjoy the software which allows me to monitor the array’s performance month after month.

I have been interested in solar for quite some time now. I always stopped at the different vendors’ booths at the home shows. My goal was to get enough solar panels to completely eliminate my electric bill. Each time I checked, it was going to take 7 to 9 years to recoup my investment.

Then I heard about “Help You Build Solar”. I gave them a call and Danny came out to give me an estimate. The system he quoted me was based on my last 12 months of PG&E electric bills. The estimate was for designing the system, ordering all the parts I would need, then giving me advice on the build along the way. With the quote he gave me, I should be able to recoup my investment in 4 to 5 years. I was figuring it wrong earlier, and forgot to take off the tax credit deduction which really helps.

I have a lot of mechanical skills, but I am not an electric/electronics person by any means. Danny was able to walk me through the process in a way that I was able to understand. After completing the process, I understand how the whole system works and the purpose for each component. I did hire an electrician to do the final connection to PG&E.

My system went on line about the middle of May 2016. Here it is 4 days from December and PG&E owes me about $290.00. I am very pleased with every aspect of the system. If you are considering solar, I highly recommend that you give “Help You Build Solar” a call.

Where to start? My wife and I have been interested in solar but have had no luck (meaning horrible experiences) until we ran into Danny with Mirador Energy, at a home and garden show. We had a good conversation and we decided to set an appointment. We gave Danny our PG&E information prior to the appointment so he could calculate our last 12 months usage. When Danny showed up, he had a booklet of a break down on our usage and what system we needed. Danny explained what kind of system he uses and if we decided to go with him, (no sell pitch, no pressure, just information that all made sense). After Danny left, my wife and I crunched the numbers and after about a week, we contacted Danny to let him know we wanted to go with him. Danny handled everything from the permits, county inspection, and all the paperwork that PG&E needed to go solar. We have dealt with many contractors in the past few years, but Danny demonstrated top notch professionalism and always kept to his word from the beginning to turning on the power. We highly recommend Danny with Mirador Energy!! His quality of work is exceptional…You will not be disappointed.

Danny was professional, knowledgeable and handled all our solar needs with precision and in a timely manner.
We were very pleased with his work and the solar is working excellent!

We have recommended him to several of our friends who were looking for solar. He had competitive pricing and fantastic customer service.
We were very glad we chose Mirador Energy!

I have had the pleasure of working with Danny for over a year now. In my opinion, he is the best solar installer in the Greater Sacramento Valley. He is honest, detail oriented and has exceeded my expectations in all aspects. If you are looking to have solar installed on your house or business, look no further, give Danny a call!

Thanks again!!!

I am a DIY guy! But I dont know everything, yet. Danny “helped me build” my 16kw system. Danny did a great job at anwsering all my questions and getting me to the right place to buy all my materials. Thanks Danny!

Danny is awesome. Knows his industry inside and out, great to work with, and is honest beyond compare. No need to call anybody else.

Dealing directly with the owner made all the difference on my custom solar system with battery back up as well as integrated generator. The cookie cutter approach from the big solar companies didn’t work. They couldn’t even do it. Daniel was there from beginning to end and made it work.

Danny was extremely knowledgable and helpful from the start of the project through completion. He has always been around to answer all of my questions even after the installation was complete. I’m 100% satisfied with my new system!

I had the one of the best experiences working with Danny (the owner). My wife and I had been kicking around the idea of becoming a “Greener” household, also eliminating our electric bill was a big plus. With 6 people in a house it is not cheap when it comes to PG&E. We had several companies out to look and give us quotes: Tesla, Sun Run, Sun Power and Mirador Energy (We didn’t bother with Vivint after talking to friends and neighbors who had Vivint install or moved into a house with a leased Vivint system. I looked at the install done by them and I gotta say my 10 year old could do a better job. More importantly there customer service sounds horrible). Tesla and Sun Run, I can say anything bad about, pretty decent experiences with both. Mirador Energy was hands down the best, Danny (the Owner) great guy, throughout the estimation process, install, inspections and finalization. I have nothing but good things to say. I will gladly recommend him to everyone and anyone interested in solar. I have to commend Danny on his honesty, attention to detail, communication, scheduling, knowledge and abilities.

The system I had installed on my house is larger than most. Danny did research on the electronic equipment I am looking to install in the future, and put together a system that exceeds my current needs and fulfills my future needs (near future). None of the other companies even listened to the fact that I am dropping almost all my gas appliances for electric one (except my Range). Not only did he listen, he researched and got me all the right numbers to correctly size my system.

Also I looked into his company before I made my decision, as I did with all of them. He is a small company, he has workers comp insurance and all of the things I need to see, but he pays his guys well and they get health care and retirement because he sees the value of a good installer. I gotta say, him and Gabe did a great job. Gabe was onsite solo a day or two and he is well trained and knowledgeable as well.

I know that most people want to know about the price, Mirador Energy was the lowest price. That’s not the tool I use to judge a company, I would have paid more than Tesla’s price, more than Sun Runs price. His attention to detail and customer service is unmatched!

I would give 10 stars if I could.

If you are considering getting solar for your home, I would highly recommend using Danny with Mirador Energy.

We recently had him install a 7500w system on our home in Vacaville and have nothing but positive things to say. He is very knowledgeable, reliable, hard working, and just a really good guy! Everything went smoothly from start to finish. Our project turned out great and we couldn’t be happier.

Danny is also very reasonably priced. If you are a skilled DIY’er and interested in doing some of the install yourself, he is willing to work with you on reducing the overall cost of the project. We opted to have him do the complete installation and it was still very affordable, even before you consider the tax rebates.

Although this is the first time we used Mirador Energy to install a solar system, I have had some interaction with Danny in the past. 2 years ago, I helped a friend install solar on his home in Vacaville. He hired Danny (then with Help You Build Solar) to provide the materials and technical support for his project. I was impressed with how easy Danny was to work with and how affordable his services were. Not only have I been impressed with his knowledge and work ethic, but I have also been able to observe how he firmly stands behind his work and the products he recommends and installs. Over the past couple of years since that project was completed, my friend has never had a problem reaching Danny for any questions that he has had, or getting assistance from him in resolving any issues.

Having seen first hand how great Danny is to work with was a significant factor in our decision to use him for our own solar installation. He did an outstanding job and was it was a genuine pleasure working with him.

I have been researching and pricing solar for a couple years. My original plan was to purchase the equipment myself and hire a contractor to put everything up for me. I also checked pricing from the name brand firms to do the complete job.

I found Danny after a short search and contacted him for a quote. He replied fast and spoke with me for almost an hour to see what my needs were. He came over to survey my house and give me a quote. He encouraged me to do the whole job myself and provided a price that was well within my budget. I pulled the trigger and paid the deposit on 18 July and had the plans in my hands at that time with the equipment arriving on 01 August to coincide with taking some time off work. I finished in 5 days, passed the inspection and received permission to operate from PG&E on 17 August.

With Danny’s outstanding help I was able to complete the whole process and start producing power in under a month at around 1/3rd the price of the name brand companies. I would not hesitate to recommend Danny and Help you Build Solar for your project.

My parents had Dan install panels on the roof. Very knowledgeable. I live in Colorado and was able to get great info from him to help me choose what company I should go with. My parents insisted to talk with Dan first, and it was great advice. He knows Solar in and out. I would haves used him in a heart beat if he was here. Very honest and upfront.

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Mirador Energy offers solar installation and other home improvement services in Solano County and surrounding areas. Mirador Energy works side by side with each client to provide the highest quality of work with commitment to reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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At Mirador Energy, we pride ourselves on our superior products and services. We offer the most cutting edge technology to our clients, and we are proud to be part of the fastest growing and most economical source of renewable energy in the world.

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